Les Jeunes Amies de la Symphonie Senior Luncheon

The twenty senior members of Les Jeunes Amies de la Symphonie, their fathers, and their escorts gathered for a luncheon at the Baton Rouge Country Club on October 23. The luncheon was followed by a waltz lesson in preparation for the upcoming Bal de la Symphonie which will beheld on November 26. These “Young Friends of the Symphony” will be presented and recognized for volunteering for the Baton Rouge Symphony Orchestra throughout their four years of high school.


Sophie and Kevin Landry; Melinda and James Gray; Chloe and Kevin Callerame; Claire and Drake Bellanger; Grace and Kenneth Wester


Lindsey and Mark Phillips; London and Tensey Pricer; Nina and Jay Jalenak; Cassidy and Travis Dickinson; Claire and James Risher


Claudia and Trey Bradford; Claire and Brian Wigley; Abigail and Craig Livingston; Anna and Stanford Stolzenthaler; Gabby and Tim Bella


Claire Landreneau and her brother, Lex Landreneau; Kaily and Christopher Belleau; Chandler and Neal Hendrick; Gabby and Robert Rotolo; Baldwin and Jeffrey Rice

Baton Rouge Symphony League members: President Jan Wells, Maia Jalenak, Brandi Rinaudo, Nicole Wester and Paula Davis

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