Bal de la Symphonie

Les Jeunes Amies de la Symphonie introduces daughters of distinguished members of the Baton Rouge Symphony League into society at the annual Bal de la Symphonie. The Bal de la Symphonie is a white-tie event held in honor of the senior class of Les Jeunes Amies de la Symphonie debutantes. This elaborate formal affair begins with the individual introduction of each debutante, who is wearing a beautiful white billowing gown and elbow length white leather gloves. Each debutante walks along a dramatic runway to center stage, where she is formally presented to the audience by her father or a male relative of her choosing. The presentation culminates with a beautiful father-daughter waltz to Moon River. Debutantes then waltz The Skaters Waltz with their escorts, followed by dinner and dancing.It is truly a memorable evening for the debutantes and their families – one they will remember for the rest of their lives.